The Rise and Fall of River and Rail transportation in Madison, Indiana.

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Indiana Railroads

With the 1836 Interior Improvement Act, railroads were slated to criss-cross the state. “Read more” for the list of early Indiana railroads.

Bellefontaine & Indianapolis: Begun in 1848, by 1852 it connected Indianapolis to the east and northeast.

Indiana Central: Begun in 1851 and completed in 1853. It ran from Indianapolis to Richmond and made the run from Terre Haute to Richmond possible.

Indianapolis & Lafayette: The 1836 internal improvements acts included Lafayette on the Madison & Indianapolis line. Completed in 1852 it helped connect the Ohio River to Chicago.

Jeffersonville Railroad: Chartered in 1832 but due to financial difficulties it was re-chartered and because of delays not completed until 1852. It was in direct competition with the Madison & Indianapolis and the two lines merged in 1866.

Lawrenceburg & Indianapolis: Chartered in 1832 but not completed until 1853. Made connection between central Indiana, Cincinnati and points east.

Madison, Indianapolis & Lafayette: Chartered in 1832, begun in 1836 and finished to Indianapolis in 1847.

New Albany & Salem: Later called the Monon, this line was the longest in the state prior to the Civil War. It eventually connected the Ohio River to Lake Michigan and Chicago.

Ohio & Mississippi Railroad: Spanned the southern part of Indiana from Cincinnati to Vincennes and made possible connections from Baltimore to St. Louis. It was completed in 1857.

Peru & Indianapolis: The function of this line was to connect Indianapolis with the Wabash & Erie Canal. It was completed in 1854.

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