The Rise and Fall of River and Rail transportation in Madison, Indiana.

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The “Caroline” began taking on her first cargo about May 15, 1863. She was built in Madison by the Dry Docks Company and left Madison on her first trip on June 4 with Captain Talley in charge. Her dimensions were 155 feet in length, 32 feet in width and with a 5 foot hold. She boasted two engines with 17 inch cylinders, a 4 1/2 foot stroke; two boilers, 22 feet in length, 43 inches in diameter and six flues. The cabin of the “Caroline” was tastefully done with one end adorned with a painting of the new boat being built at the Dry Docks and the surrounding area.

She was owned by Captain Talley, F. L. Dubach and the Pearl Starch Company with Captain Talley in charge. James G. Wilson was her first clerk and John Phillips filled the position of second clerk. Shortly after, on June 18, 1863, it was announced that Captain (Charles) David had chartered her to replace the ill fated “Prioress” that had burned at Cincinnati in April of 1863. She was to make the Madison to Cincinnati run. She was to fill in also for the “Bostona” during low water season.

The “Caroline” was later in New Orleans (1866-1868) running the New Orleans-Arkansas River and also ran to Shreveport (1869). She was lost on the Red River in 1870.

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